Flood control barrier FLOM

intended for redirection of water flow and deflection of flood waves in case of flood and torrential rain. No need of understructure, easily portable, to be erected on various base materials.

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Nákres systému FLOM

Quick assembly

Easy assembly and dismantling. Low weight of parts supports easy handling and assembly. The barrier can be erected on various base materials – lawn, gravel, asphalt, also in water.

Cost-effective solution

A cost-effective solution for many reasons – no need for understructure, just a one-off investment with repeated use, no need for environmentally appropriate disposal unlike sandbags, with undemanding storage.

Environmental solution

Compared to sandbags, for instance, the FLOM barrier solution is more environmental in every aspect.

Proven quality

Barrier proven in load tests against impact of torrential waves and floating objects. Certified and tested in both laboratory and real-life conditions.


Barrier 100 m long and 0.5 m high.


Approximate overall weight 900 kg Approximate overall weight 40 t
Volume 5 m3 Volume 30 m3
Assembly by 4 persons requires approx. 15 minutes Assembly by 11 persons in 5 hours
Short and easy disassembly Complex and lengthy removal – another 10 hours
Life of 20 years (repeated usage) One-off usage
One-off investment Requires repeated investments
Just cleaning after flood Environmentally appropriate disposal after flood
Certified system
Simple training for users
Case study

FLOM H1300 for Fire Rescue Service and Slovak Water Management Enterprise

  • March 2016
  • 30 containers in total
  • 5 km barrier length

Description of FLOM H500


is manufactured of zinc-plated sheet or aluminium alloy (EN AW 5754) resistant to salt water.

FLOM connecting lock

for easy and fast binding, the slabs are provided with connecting locks.


and supporting leg provide stability of overall barrier on various surfaces, adaptable to ground.

Nákres systému FLOM

protecting the barrier from underwashing.

Securing clip

on the top part of structure attaches the sheet to FLOM.

Weight chain

in the bottom part of system weights on the sheet.


Instalace systému FLOM

1. Slab connected with supporting leg and ground base.

2. Neighbouring slab connected using special FLOM locks.

3. Sheet attached to top edge by securing clip and bottom part loaded with weight chain.


All components designed for accepting of standardized containers and pallets. The system can be transported to required installation locations directly in its storage containers.

FLOM for integrated emergency system

Strategic locations

Distribution of FLOM to designated points.

Flood threat

Threat for specific area.


FLOM is transported to exposed areas.


Exposed area secured by FLOM.



Nákres systému FLOM H500
Water column height (mm) 500
Basic part – w × h (mm) 1565 × 930
– Weight (kg) 13,5
Corner part – w × h (mm) 990 × 790
– Weight (kg 5,8
Time for assembly of 100 m in two persons 30 min
Storage space of 100 m 5 m3


Nákres systému FLOM H1300
Water column height (mm) 800
Basic part – w × h (mm) 1180 × 1480
– Weight (kg) 22,5
Corner part – w × h (mm) 1050 × 1640
– Weight (kg) 9,2
Time for assembly of 100 m in two persons 80 min
Storage space of 100 m 15 m3

FLOM H1300

Nákres systému FLOM H1300
Water column height (mm) 1 300
Basic part – w × h (mm) 960 × 2220
– Weight (kg) 31,2
Corner part – w × h (mm) 1100 × 2200
– Weight (kg) 10,5
Time for assembly of 100 m in two persons 120 min
Storage space of 100 m 21 m3


About us

JaP-Jacina, s.r.o. is a dynamically growing company. Our market presence involving a wide range of gate systems has been expanded for flood control systems.

Our significant advantages include our own design, manufacturing and sales centre, as well as an assembly and service department. Our rarity is our own test centre for innovations, development and testing of flood control systems.

The whole JaP-Jacina’s team currently includes around 170 employees active at our 10 locations in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

JaP-Jacina offers most varied flood control solutions for both private and industrial sectors. We have many years of experience in security of facilities, towns and territorial units. For this type of projects, we even offer two types of line barriers, already used by a number of municipalities and water management enterprises in Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also, for instance, in France.